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Is The Environment A Luxury?

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The purpose of this collection of essays is to shed some light on the complex relationship between environmental quality and the distribution of income. Are the preferences of the poor towards a cleaner environment really different from those of the rich?

Environmental economists have traditionally focused on efficiency issues. In their analyses the quality of the environment is usually related to aggregate or average variables, like per capita income; policy recommendations are usually formulated considering efficiency with no regard for equity and also the predicted effects of policies are evaluated in aggregate terms.

The essays collected in this volume go into the problem of the relationship between environmental quality and income distribution. The book's opening essay shows how different theories of economic growth and environmental quality seem to suggest that the higher the level of income the higher is the value of environmental protection. The essays that follow, a mix of already published papers and of papers solicited for this book, analyse the relationship between environmental quality and income distribution from different perspectives (both micro and macro) and on the basis of more than one methodology.

This book highlights that the preferences of the poor towards a cleaner environment may differ from those of the rich, but income is also very likely to represent only one factor affecting them. The essays consider other relevant factors affecting preferences for environmental quality. What clearly emerges is that the distribution of costs and benefits of environmental policies is the key for their successful implementation, and that further research is needed to both address the distributional effects themselves and the strategies to mitigate them.

Luxury Indian Fashion

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This unique ethnographic investigation examines the role that fashion plays in the production of the contemporary Indian luxury aesthetic. Tracking luxury Indian fashion from its production in village craft workshops via upmarket design studios to fashion soirees, Kuldova investigates the Indian luxury fashion market's dependence on the production of thousands of artisans all over India, revealing a complex system of hierarchies and exploitation.

In recent years contemporary Indian design has dismissed the influence of the West and has focussed on the opulent heritage luxury of the maharajas, Gulf monarchies and the Mughal Empire.Luxury Indian Fashion argues that the desire for a luxury aesthetic has become a significant force in the attempt to define contemporary Indian society. From the cultivation of erotic capital in businesswomen's dress to a discussion of masculinity and muscular neo-royals to staged designer funerals, Luxury Indian Fashion analyzes the production, consumption and aesthetics of luxury and power in India.

Luxury Indian Fashion is essential reading for students of fashion history and theory, anthropology and visual culture.

Luxury Travel On An Economy Budget

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Travelers often think of a luxury vacation as champagne and caviar dreams, but often don't have the budget to afford such luxuries. But luxury travel is not all about first class flights, swanky hotels, lavish restaurants and extravagant shopping. Shamael Khan shows you ways to travel in relative luxury and comfort by thinking out of the box and not draining your bank account. By using the advice in this book, you too can live comfortably and luxuriously during your vacation.Shamael shares his tips, tricks and advice through 12 years of business and personal travel throughout Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. He uses his business travel experience during tough economic times in order to develop a strategy to find the best deals and different ways to create your own personal luxury vacation.


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